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Our names are Cindy and Laura and we are the proud owners of Desert Rose Bath and Body, LLC.

Our story began with gift giving. Cindy purchased a few handcrafted bath and body products from a local craft show to give to Laura as a gift. Laura absolutely loved the gift and began researching how to make soap and other bath and body products. It soon became a tradition amongst friends to make our own bath and body products to give each other for special occasions. We quickly found were making more products than we could use, and began giving our creations to family, friends and co-workers who found they really enjoyed handcrafted bath and body products. With encouragement and overwhelming support from our loved ones and friends, we decided sell our products and Desert Rose Bath and Body, LLC was established in May 2011.

At Desert Rose Bath and Body, we consider the creation of our products to be a synthesis of art and science.  We work hard to create products that are not only pleasing to the senses, but that are also nourishing to the skin. However, our mission is not only to produce quality products but also to develop and implement these meaningful ways of doing business:

  • We make every effort to operate our business in an ethical and moral manner with the utmost respect for our customers
  • We do our best to secure many of our ingredients from local sources
  • Our products are only tested on the humans, with the obvious exception of our products made specifically for animals
  • We make every effort to recycle or compost all of the wastes created in our manufacturing, packaging, and shipping activities.


Thank you for your interest in Desert Rose Bath and Body.

Cindy and Laura




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