Cold Process Soaps

Our cold-process soap is made the old-fashioned way like just like our grandmothers use to make it. Luxurious oils and butters combined with lye and lots of love make a true soap that has a rich, creamy and moisturizing lather. All of the oils and butters we use were chosen for their healing and nourishing qualities. Our soaps are made with carefully designed recipes that will clean, soothe and moisturize even the most sensitive skin.

We love making cold process soaps and often update this page with new products. Check back often to see our new creations.

Due to the handmade process by which our soaps are crafted, all soap bars may vary from 4 to 4 1/2 oz and may vary in color.


Charcoal - Lavender Tea Tree CP Soap

Lavender and tea tree essential oils have long been reputed to have tremendous healing and soothing properties. Not only will you love the way this soap makes your skin feel, you will also love the natural scent of the essential oils. 100% Natural.

$5.00 Quantity:
Citrus Oatmeal CP Soap

The fresh and natural scent of orange and tangerine essential oils combined with skin soothing oatmeal. 100% Natural.

$5.00 Quantity:
Eucalyptus CP Soap

Fresh picked eucalyptus leaves with hints of lime.

$5.00 Quantity:
Jasmine CP Soap

The exotic scent of freshly cut jasmine flowers.

$5.00 Quantity:
Kumquat Orange CP Soap

The tantalizing medley of kumquat and orange. This most delicious smelling fragrance is perhaps one of the best we've come across. Yummy... for the nose!

$5.00 Quantity:
Lavender Oatmeal CP Soap

Lavender essential oil combined with ground oatmeal make this a lovely gentle soap for sensitive skin. 100% Natural.

$5.00 Quantity:
Lavender Rosemary CP Soap

If you love the scent of lavender, this is the soap for you. Made with natural lavender essential oil, this is a lavender lover's delight. 100% Natural. 

$5.00 Quantity:
Lemongrass Lime CP Soap

Perfectly scented with the right amount of lemongrass and lime essential oils. 100% Natural.

$5.00 Quantity:
Licorice CP Soap

This soap bar is scented with star anise essential oil which provides a sweet, intense and delightful black licorice fragrance. 100% Natural.

$5.00 Quantity:
Oatmeal Milk & Honey CP Soap

The wonderful fresh aroma of fresh hot oatmeal with creamy French vanilla, milk and honey. (Goat milk soap)

$5.00 Quantity:
Orange Patchouli CP Soap

A delightful combination of sweet and sunny orange and down-to-earth patchouli. 100% Natural.

$5.00 Quantity:
Passionfruit Papaya CP Soap

The aroma of Passionfruit intertwined with juicy, ripe Papaya.

$5.00 Quantity:
Patchouli CP Soap

Patchouli is a sturdy Asian plant, known for its woodsy fragrance and therapeutic properties. This soap is infused Patchouli essential oil, giving the soap the deep, earthy, musky scent, which all Patchouli lovers crave! 100% Natural.


$5.00 Quantity:
Peppermint CP Soap

Refresh yourself with the smell of peppermint and the tingling fresh feel of our Peppermint Soap. Made with 100% peppermint essential oil.

$5.00 Quantity:
Spearmint CP Soap

This popular bar is refreshing and uplifting and is loved by both men and women. 100% Natural.

$5.00 Quantity:
Tea Tree Peppermint CP Soap

Cool, soothing and refreshing peppermint works synergistically with healing tea tree to refresh and restore the skin. 100% Natural.

$5.00 Quantity:
Vanilla Oatmeal CP Soap

The sweet, scrumptious aroma of warm oatmeal, vanilla and sugar. (Goat milk and Shea butter soap)

$5.00 Quantity:


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