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A soap sock (or soap saver) is a special nylon sack used to slip your favorite soap bar into and use as a washcloth. It is also the perfect solution to all of those little slivers of soap that are normally thrown away. The soft, fine, nylon mesh soap sock produces an abundance of beautiful bubbles and creamy lather and is a handy exfoliating tool for your whole body. Soap socks do not mold or mildew.

Soap socks are great for children! There is a drawstring to secure the soaps inside. A soap sock fits easily on a child's wrist and prevents the soap from slipping out of tiny hands.

Our soap socks are available in assorted colors so every member of the family can have their own.

Enjoying Your Soap Sock:

1. Open the drawstring then slip your favorite soap bar (or soap slivers) into the soap sock.

2. Close the drawstring, and rub the soap sock to generate a creamy lather.

3. Use the soap sock to wash and gently exfoliate your entire body.4. After completing your shower or bath, rinse the off the soap sock and hang it out to dry.



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Soap Sock

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